Our Environmental Initiatives

Working in the most environmentally sustainable manner is a high priority at Mercury. We use soy based inks, which decrease dependence on foreign petroleum.


We work hard to apply sound conservation practices

Digital Printing and Paper Usage Study

Mercury just recently completed a study for a Higher Education Publisher in which we looked at the impact that digital printing, specifically inkjet, is having on paper consumption and waste.

You can view the Impact on Paper Usage results here in detail. Or by clicking on the preview image to the right.
In summary, Digital Printing (Inkjet) on average uses 50% less paper than the traditional Web Offset, and in some cases more than 50%.

In our quest to apply sound conservation practices, we lead the way in the use and implementation of 100% recycled stocks on the inkjet and toner digital production presses. We have also made the strategic decision to align ourselves with the only inkjet manufacturing platform that rebuilds and reuses their inkjet heads, recycles and reuses their ink, with heat and water as their only by product.

We align with environmentally strong partners…